Lightweight Rollator





Lightweight Aluminum Rollator

Rollators are an excellent way to move independently from room to room at home. This lightweight option is also great for taking out and using as a mobility aid at work or for use while running errands or shopping. It folds flat for easy transportation and storage. The four wheeled walker has a storage pouch beneath the seat for holding your belongings and a seat that allows you to rest when needed. Adjustable handles can be set at the right height for you. Rollator is great for personal or clinical purposes.

Locking Brakes

Rollator has loop-lock brakes. Simply pull up on the brake handles to apply brakes. To lock brakes, push down on the handles until they “click” into a locked position. To release, pull up on brake handles until they “click” and unlock. Brakes lock the back wheels. If you find them hard to apply, the tension can be adjusted to suit individual grip strengths.


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Blue, Purple, Quartz (Grey), Racing Green, Ruby Red, Russet Orange