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Our Yate store

Founded in 1980 by Martin Bush Bush Healthcare has grown to 10 stores across South Wales as well as Yate near Bristol.

Even though Bush Healthcare has grown we have still kept our Head Office in Aberdare. Our customer support, website and engineering teams are all based here and are always happy to hear from our customers.
Many types of payment methods accepted at our shops
We supply flexyfoot products at our mobility shops
Our Location


Bush Healthcare, 12 East Walk, Yate Shopping Centre, Bristol, BS37 4AS

Phone: 01454 506 001

Store Hours:

9am - 5pm. Monday to Saturday.


Facilities vary throughout our 12 stores, the facilities below are specific to our Yate store 

What services are available?

Disabled Access

What Parking is Available?

Closest Train Station & Bus Stations


Choose for easy Mobility

Minimo Plus 4






Minimo Plus 4


Minimo Plus 4


Minimo Plus 4


Minimo Plus 4


What Our Customer Say...

Why Shop With Us?


Consult with our specialists for help with an order, booking a free survey, or advice.


We have 10 stores across South Wales and another in Yate. We can deliver anywhere in the UK for items available on our website.


We stand behind our goods and services and want you to be satisfied with them.