Dream Sport – Road Mobility Scooter


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The new Dream Sport is an ultra-modern, compact yet powerful road scooter. This new scooter uses the best of modern design in a very compact overall package with a host of new features that combine to make a scooter that not only looks great, but performs even better. With exceptional legroom, an adjustable tiller and super comfortable seat it is a scooter designed for all users. The simple straight forward showerproof dash panel and controls make operating this great new model simple and straightforward. The waterproof USB power output ensures that the users mobile phone is always charged, or alternatively provides the power for a GPS unit for the adventurous.

With a 25 stone weight carrying capacity, revolutionary “RunOn” run flat pneumatic tyres, the unique Max Grip Limited Slip Differential gearbox and the new technology high power high torque 600 Watt motor this really is THE scooter for the 21st Century.


Delivery & Collection options

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Do you need insurance for this scooter?

– No insurance is needed for mobility scooters, however it is recommended, if you’re thinking about insurance, check our our insurance services page it can provide you with the right information going forward.

Are 4 wheel mobility scooters better than 3 wheel scooters?

– 4-Wheel scooters often provide an improved stability over 3-wheel scooters. Making them a better option for users who plan to regularly drive on uneven flooring (outdoors typically).

How much does it cost to run a mobility scooter?

– After the initial price of the product, mobility scooters are incredibly cheap to run. With the typical cost of charging the scooter roughly around 10p per night. Although often repair works and maintenance could be costly, we recommend insurance in the event that damages do occur you are covered.

Additional information

Wheelchair type Class

Class C

Department of Transport Class

Class 3

Overall Dimension fully assembled

length x width x height mm (in) – 1320 (52) x 600 (23.6) x 1160 (45.7)

Maximum carrying capacity

160 kg, 355 lbs


LED – front and rear

Mass (weight) including 50 Ah batteries

113 kg, 249.9 lbs

Mass (weight) of chassis (heaviest part) with 50 Ah batteries

95 kg, 210.1 lbs

Standard battery voltage and capacity

12V / 50Ah x 2

Type of seat

Captain (enhanced) – swivel, head rest, reclining/folding back with arms & width adjustment and seat – slide function

Mass (weight) of swivel seat

18 kg, 39.8 lbs

Wheel diameter

305mm / 12"

Tyre dimensions (front & rear)

80 / 65-8

Type of tyres

Run-flat pneumatic – "Runon tyres"TM

Tyre Pressures normal

35 p.s.i., 2.4 bar

Maximum speed

12.87 km/h, 8 mph

Minimum braking distance from maximum speed

2.2 m, 7.2 ft


Up to 44 km / 27.3 miles (Range on full charge and flat ground

The turn-around width

1.7 m, 5.5 ft

Turning diameter

3.47 m, 11.38 ft

The maximum safe slope

10° – Do not exceed the scooter may topple

The maximum climbing angle facing upwards


Maximum user weight @ 10° uphill

160 kg, 355 lbs

Maximum user weight @ 10° downhill

160 kg, 355 lbs

Ground clearance

100 mm, 4"

Maximum obstacle climbing ability

100 mm, 4"

Maximum safe descendable kerb height

100 mm, 4"

Force to operate Accelerator control

2 Newtons, 0.45 lbs

Force to operate Freewheel brake lever

45 Newtons, 10.1 lbs

Force to operate Emergency brake lever

60 Newtons, 13.5 lbs

Ambient operating temperature range

2°C to 40°C, 35.6°F to 104°F

USB Accessory outlet

5V dc / 3 Amps


Cobalt Blue, Graphite Grey