Opera Memory Foam Mattress



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Contouring Comfort

The Opera Memory Comfort Mattress has a top layer containing memory foam. This is designed to adjust to the contours of the body and distributes pressure around the body to enhance deep sleep and provide pressure relief.


Reduces Motion Transfer

Within the top layer of the mattress is visco foam which reduces the amount of movement that is transferred through the mattress. This is ideal for restless sleepers who move around during the night who share a bed.


Supportive sleep

The Opera Memory Comfort mattress uses a comfort support foam to provide proper postural support. This helps to alleviate pain in the joints throughout the body whilst you sleep, keeping you comfortable and well supported.



The Opera® Memory Comfort Adjustable Mattress is rated as medium to firm. The comfort support foam is designed to support your body and weight bearing areas, its high density encourages proper posture whilst the foam provides cushioning and comfort.


Ventilated cool weave cover

The ventilated cool weave cover protects the mattress to prolong its lifespan. It also prevents excess heat build-up when you lie on the mattress which helps to keep you cool during the night, this helps regular your body temperature for ultimate comfort.


5 Year Warranty

Sleep with peace of mind and a five-year warranty.