VelumiLi – Folding Mobility Scooter

Travel with ease in this lightweight mobility scooter, designed for outdoor use, built with durability and usability in mind.

Easy Transport - Excellent Battery - Safety Friendly

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VelumiLi – 4 Wheel Mobility Folding Scooter


Easy Transport – You’ll never have to worry about heavy lifting your scooter into the boot of your car again with the VelumilLi, it’s easy to disassemble, and the heaviest part only weighs 10kg!

Safety Friendly – With LED lighting this scooter will guarantee that others can see you should you choose to travel in the dark.

Excellent Battery – This Scooter can transport you 10 miles without needing charging! and the cost of charge is less than 10p electricity overnight!  It is airline complaint too making it ideal for holiday and travel.

4-Wheel power – With 4-wheels the scooter will provide added stability for uneven roads and paths (outdoors especially)



If you’re looking for an easily transportable and lightweight Scooter with the control at the touch of a button? then look no further. Our VelumiLi 4- wheel scooter is built with Ultra-Lightweight lithium batteries and is manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminium meaning its incredibly reliable in durability but also easier to handle and transport. The VelumiLi can be disassembled with ease and speed, with the heaviest part weighing less than 10kg.

Not to mention the comfort that comes alongside this hand controlled scooter, you will be able to adjust seating with the luxury padded supportive seats guaranteeing you a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. But the Illusion doesn’t stop there! its equipped with safety precautions such as LED lighting so that if you are out at night you can be seen by others easier.

Suggested for

This scooter is ideal for those looking to adventure outside more and for longer journeys. If you’re looking for a scooter with extra durability and the ability to be disassembled within seconds and loaded into the boot of the car with ease, the VelumiLi will have everything you’re looking for. The airline complsint battery makes this an ideal scooter if you like to travel and explore. The Scooters overall weight with battery included is 32.8KG and can hold a maximum user weight of 18 stone (if you are above the maximum weight usage, we suggest our other similar scooter) We’re sorry, our mobility scooters are not available for online purchase, to purchase this product please contact your local store.

Key Features

  •  Lightweight, aluminium, high quality rugged frame
  • British Made / Medical /Military grade Lithium Ferro-Phosphate Battery
  • Airline Compliant 12.4Ah battery weighs just 4.1kgs / 9 lbs
  • 1150mm turning radius for exceptional manoeuvrability
  • Tiller locking for easy transportation
  • Fold down backrest & simple to remove adjustable armrests
  • Front basket has good size & depth
  • Two easy access charging points on tiller & battery box
  • Dual compound puncture proof tyres for impressive stability
  • 15.7 “ seat height that offers real comfort & support for long journeys

Available in: Blue Moon, Green Lightning, Orange Sunset, Pink Thunder and Yellow Star


Scooter Type : Lightweight mobility Scooter.

Scooter Weight: 32.8kgs / 72.3 lbs including battery

Maximum Speed : 4mph

Maximum Range : 10 miles (16km)

Maximum User Weight: 115 kg (18 stone)

Overall length – 106cm / 41.7”

Overall width – 47cm / 18.6”

Maximum carrying capacity / 115kgs / 18 stone

Maximum speed – 6.4km/h / 4mph

Maximum kerb height – 5cm / 2”

Range – up to 18.7km / 11.6 miles

Mass weight of heaviest part – 10.2kg / 22.5 Ibs (Front Section)


Delivery & Collection options

Unfortunately we do not offer delivery on this product just yet. If you would like to request a booking to view this product, or reserve a product in store please contact your local branch to arrange this.



Do you need insurance for this scooter?

– No insurance is needed for mobility scooters, however it is recommended, if you’re thinking about insurance, check our our insurance services page it can provide you with the right information going forward.

Are 4 wheel mobility scooters better than 3 wheel scooters?

– 4-Wheel scooters often provide an improved stability over 3-wheel scooters. Making them a better option for users who plan to regularly drive on uneven flooring (outdoors typically).

How much does it cost to run a mobility scooter?

– After the initial price of the product, mobility scooters are incredibly cheap to run. With the typical cost of charging the scooter roughly around 10p per night. Although often repair works and maintenance could be costly, we recommend insurance in the event that damages do occur you are covered.

Additional information


4 mph


10 miles, 16 km


1 x 24V x 10 Ah Lithium


115 kg, 18 Stone

Heaviest Part When Disassembled

9.9 kg, 21.83 lbs

Total Weight (W/O Batteries)

27.9 kg, 61.51 lbs

Total Weight (With Batteries)

30.7 kg, 67.68 lbs


103.5 cm, 41"


19", 49 cm


36", 92 cm

Folded Height (Tiller Down/Seat Off)

45 cm, 18"




137 cm, 54"


2", 5.5 cm


18", 46 cm


15.75-18.9", 40-48 cm


19 cm, 7.5"


19 cm, 7.5"


Adjutable, Front, Rear


Front, LED


2 amp, Off-Board, On-Board